Cooking using air – the Philips Aifryer way

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Cooking food dry with oil less fryer – no oil can be amazing. That is what the Philips Air fryer does. Oils have some diverse effects which come afterwards. These effects range from weight gain, issues to do with constipation and high amounts of fat deposits under the skin.

Eating should be fun and a person should be able to eat ones favorite foods like chicken, fries and any other type of food without being subjected to myriad of healthy complications. Philips has come out to be innovative enough with their diverse brands of Air fryers to be able to solve this problem,

What makes the Philips Air fryer a darling of most of its owners is;

It gives a non greasy cooking– because the Philips Air fryer is made exclusively for non oil cooking, the food that is cooked by it has been found to contain more than 3 quarters of less fat.  This way, the amount of fat and money one is able to9 save will be monumental. In addition, the risks associated with fat are reduced.

It is multipurpose– having a food separator is another great feature. The compartments within the air fryer make it possible to cook different foods without having to worry about mixing.

Less smell on the food and the chef– with the air filter which helps in reducing the amount of vapor characteristic with oil cooking, there is less likelihood of the room ending filled with food smell and the eventual result is that even the cook’s clothes will not smell of food.

No risk of overcooking– the Philips air fryer has a timer which come in handy for those who run the risk of performing different chores. This timer will ensure that the fryer will be off automatically thus preserving your food. It will also eliminate cases of accidental fires caused by forgetfulness.

It is convenient– with the amount of fat the Philips Air fryer saves, the user saves large sums of money. Moreover, its use is easy and allows the user some space to rest especially based on its innovative features.

Less cases of burns– with the Philips air fryer, the user runs less risk of tripping over due to slippery floors caused by oil spills. The reduced accidental; cases make it stand above the rest in terms of preserving the users overall health.

Healthy– frying using air has been found to be one area which feature prominently when healthy cooking methods are mentioned. The use of less oil and no amount of organic fuel helps preserve the environment as well as keep the user healthy and happy.

Tasty food– the unique taste of the food cooked on the fryer will wow its user. There is enough room to cook diverse types of food without bothering on the mix up. What is more is that the air fryer preserves the smell and taste of each kind of food no matter how strong the other food is.

Cost effective– the Philips air fryer explores the natural way to the human stomach. This method ensures that there is lees oil and relatively less fuel used. It therefore serves well in terms of the economy and finances.

The food taste might be your biggest concern or just the obsession with your weight arising from consuming oil, using this air fryer is the best thing which may have happened to your kitchen. The special menu which accompanies the fryers will just give you that money’s worth of service.

While there could be several fryers in the market. Selecting something which looks trendy yet innovative is one area which shows the shopper’s rich taste. Moreover, the cost of acquiring one is quite favorable. I bet you can go for yours and try it out.

The male toiletries market is larger

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In the latest in our series, we look at the trends in the health and beauty market based on the latest TGI research. And we focus on the rise and rise of the male toiletries market.

With a value of around |pounds~380m, the male toiletries market is larger than the skin, hair care or toothpaste markets. And compared with other markets, it is still young, with plenty of room for growth.

According to Elida Gibbs’ report on the UK male toiletries market, three main factors support the incredible rise of male toiletries: increased disposable income, allowing men to spend more on themselves; a new male fashion consciousness which emerged in the 1990s; and the rise in popularity of sport and exercise which has led to increased grooming occasions.

This year’s TGI research confirms beyond doubt that it is not just women who are concerned about appearance.

The research deals with seven specific areas of male toiletries: shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, disposable razors, shaving cream, sticks and foams, and hair-styling gels, mousses and sprays.

male toiletries market

One big growth area is in male-specific shower gels, which are now used by 43% of respondents compared with 41.6% in 1992. Here Lynx continues to dominate, increasing its lead by nearly three percentage points over last year.

The incidence of men washing their hair every day has also increased, from 24.4% in 1992 to 26% in 1993. Usage of shampoo is just about even between the sexes but in other hair products there is still mileage to be made up.

Some 32% of men use conditioners, compared with 70% of women, with Cream Silk a top choice among both. A third of men use hair-styling gels and mousses, compared with 51.6% of women. L’Oreal tops both charts.

Deodorants, however, are used by nearly 83% of men, not far short of the near 90% penetration recorded by women. Lynx remains the first choice in male deodorants, once again increasing its lead over last year. It’s interesting to note that Sure for Men overtook Sure, a sign that more men are opting for male-specific variants.

In the shaving categories one name dominates. As well as being the outright winner in creams and foams, Gillette takes four out of the top five positions in the disposable razors sector, although the top position as last year goes to Bic.

But the battle is just beginning. Trade marketing controller for Gillette Series Martin Williams recognises there is still work to be done in encouraging new users to the shaving creams and foams sector where the TGI research shows 63% penetration.

Mr Williams also believes that next year’s figures could make for very different reading as the full impact of the Gillette Series products, launched earlier this year, is felt. Gillette has certainly been pulling out all the stops as far as promoting its products is concerned, with a glitzy launch to buyers and reports that it is now buying up gondola-ends and merchandising the shelves itself.

“There is still plenty of opportunity for growth in male toiletries. We will continue to innovate and give men something different. After years of very little choice consumers are ready for good stand-alone products,” says Mr Williams.

male toiletries market

One area of the toiletries market which is generally seen as non-male specific is shampoos. Here TGI reveals that supermarket own-label has made inroads over last year’s findings. Sainsbury’s has climbed from sixth to fifth place and Tesco from ninth to seventh, a position which it shares with Silvikrin. Head & Shoulders remains the number one shampoo for men.

Mr Williams believes it would be difficult for shampoo to ever become as male-dominated as some other categories. “Shampoo delivers a relatively generic product which makes it a tough one to differentiate,” he says.

But one area where there is clearly room for growth is the male skin care market. According to Taylor Nelson’s Skin Care panel, penetration among men registers at just below 20% compared with nearly 90% for women. Ranges such as the Body Shop’s Mostly Men is helping to redress this balance.


One of the most dramatic new entrants was Oil of Ulay which, despite being added to TGI’s table only this year, came straight in at fifth position in the cleansing creams and lotions category.

The only other mover in this sector was Ponds Cold Cream, which dropped from eighth to tenth place. Simple stayed at number nine.

Movers in the women’s deodorant chart included Body Mist and Boots. The former

moved from fifth to third and the latter from eighth to seventh position.

The moisturising creams and lotions table remained relatively static. Marks & Spencer’s own-label dropped from eighth to tenth place and Avon went into joint second with Boots. There was only one product which gained more than one place within hand creams and lotions and that was Boots, rising from fifth to third position.

Women’s shower gels saw much more activity. Top usage was Avon with 23.1%. Boots this year took over third position from Showerfresh, while Sainsbury’s took seventh place, pushing Badedas back to eighth. New entrants Impulse (5.6%) and Fenjal (4.8%) took ninth and tenth places respectively, knocking out Nivea and Body Mist.

The sanpro chart proved the power of advertising. New entrant Always came straight in at fifth position behind Bodyform. Vespre Silhouettes was a credible new entrant at seventh position while Sainsbury’s towels dropped out of the top 10. Boots’ Tampons rose from tenth to ninth position, just behind its towel counterparts.

There was only one move within the talcum powder top 10. This was Nivea, which took over seventh place from Coty.

Why buy Glycerin Soap Favors?

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Are you looking for a unique decorative favor for your special day?

Would you like a favor that your guests will remember you by when they use it?

Glycerin Soap Favors are available for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and baby shower favors.

All soap favors come wrapped in shrink wrap or cello bags to protect them from dust, fingerprints, etc.

Labels on the back of the soap favor will be printed with your special days information.

Glycerin Soap Favors 1

Wedding Shower Soap Favors:  This page features decorative wedding soap favors with doves, wedding, rings, floral hearts, and even purse soaps for a bridal shower favor.


Glycerin Soap Favors 2

Baby Shower Soap Favors:  Here you’ll find soap favors in the shapes of little duck soaps, baby bootie soap, bear booties, and storks carrying a baby on a bar of soap.


Uses for Glycerin Guest Soap

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Guest-sized soaps are the perfect size to use as a travel-size soap, to give as a gift, or to use in the powder room.

You will find a variety of small soaps for various occasions, even hand painted decorative soaps.

Because these soaps are scented, and you may want to display them unwrapped, I do not use an all natural base for these soaps.  The base I use has a lower glycerin content and will not attract moisture like a high glycerin content base would.  These soaps still make great bath bars.   Glycerin Soap Ingredients


Glycerin Guest Soap 1

Floral Guest Soap:  This page features guest soaps with a floral theme.  You’ll find roses, day lilies, and more!


Glycerin Guest Soap 2

Miscellaneous Guest Soap:  Here you’ll find a variety of guest-sized soaps such as cherubs, ducks, shells, and more.

What is Decorative Soap?

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These unique soaps make wonderful gifts for brides, new moms, new homes.  There is a soap for many occasions!

Do you need a pick-me-up in your powder room?  Add some decorative soaps to the decor and you’ll receive many compliments.

Because these soaps are scented, and you want to display them unwrapped, I do not use an all natural base for these soaps.  The base I use has a lower glycerin content and will not attract moisture like a high glycerin content base would.  These soaps still make great bath bars.


Decorative Soap 1

Floral Decorative Soap Bars:  This page features decorative soaps with a floral theme.  You’ll find roses, daisies, and more!


Decorative Soap 2

Miscellaneous Decorative Soap:  Here you’ll find a variety of soaps such as purses, country hat, bunny, and more.

Why use Glycerin Bath Bars?

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Why use Glycerin Bath Bars?

All of the glycerin bath soaps are made with a 100% natural base.  This means there are no alcohols or detergents in the base, which tend to irritate the skin.  To the base I add high quality mica or liquid colorants and the finest fragrance oils or essential oils.  You can be guaranteed that great care is taken to insure that the customer is purchasing quality glycerin soaps!

All formulations are tested on myself and my family (lucky them!) before bringing them to my customers.  Products are never tested on animals.  Although we test them ourselves, some customers may have allergic reactions.  Should irritation occur, discontinue use immediately.  The ingredients to all of my glycerin soaps can be found here –Glycerin Soap Ingredients

Glycerin Bath Bars 2Custom-Blend Glycerin Bath Bars:  This page features bath bars using scents made by & used exclusively by Country Meadow Creations.

Glycerin Bath Bars 3Glycerin Favorites:  Here you’ll find your favorite scents, like Baby Powder (Innocence), Vanilla, Rose, Lilac, Ocean, and Citrus.

Glycerin Bath Bars 5



Kids Glycerin Bath Bars:  Give your kids a reason to take a bath!


Glycerin Bath Bars 1



Mens Glycerin Bath Bars:  Great smelling mens scents are here!

Glycerin Bath Bars 7

My 2 Scents – Glycerin Bath Bars Designed By You!:  Choose 2 scents and 2 colors from our available scent and color lists to make a glycerin bath bar uniquely yours!


Glycerin Bath Bars 4Glycerin Bath Bars 6Exfoliating Glycerin Bars:   Choose from Bath Pouf Soap or Sea Salt Soap for a gentle exfoliation.

Handcrafted All Natural Soap

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Handcrafted All Natural Soap – All Natural Soap


The hand made natural soaps on this page are made using the cold process method.  Cold Process soap is made by combining oils and butters with a lye/water combination, allowing it to saponify, adding essential oils, natural colorants, botanicals, etc., and pouring into molds.  To learn more about the  All Natural Soap that I offer, please see the Frequently Asked Questions informational page.

After years of researching cold process soapmaking both on and offline, I developed a recipe I am quite happy with.  The recipe uses skin-loving oils and butters that come together to create a nice hard, lathering, and good for your skin, bar of soap.  I am sorry, but I will not share my recipe with anyone.  I worked very hard researching the ingredients I use in my natural soaps.  I will, however, share with you the All Natural Soap Ingredients & Uses.


These hand made natural soaps are made in small batches, producing approximately 8-10 bars per batch.  Therefore, the quantities available for each scent is listed below each soap type.  Please take this into consideration when placing an order

Country Meadow Creations

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Please excuse us while we change the layout of our site to better serve our customers!

Enjoy a 10% discount on all Handcrafted Soap purchases during our construction


Country Meadow Creations brings you:

– Handcrafted Glycerin & All Natural Cold Process Soap

– Glycerin Soaps made from 100% all natural soap bases

– Cold Process Soaps are made with no synthetic ingredients

– Decorative Soap for many occasions

– Soap Sets and Seasonal Soaps

– Unique Soap Favors for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers

– Custom blended scents you won’t find sold anywhere else

– Scents for women, men, and kids

– Bath Confetti in a variety of shapes and scents

– All orders handcrafted by the owner when payment is received.

– NO mass-produced product that has been sitting on a shelf for months!