Why buy Glycerin Soap Favors?

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Are you looking for a unique decorative favor for your special day?

Would you like a favor that your guests will remember you by when they use it?

Glycerin Soap Favors are available for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and baby shower favors.

All soap favors come wrapped in shrink wrap or cello bags to protect them from dust, fingerprints, etc.

Labels on the back of the soap favor will be printed with your special days information.

Glycerin Soap Favors 1

Wedding Shower Soap Favors:  This page features decorative wedding soap favors with doves, wedding, rings, floral hearts, and even purse soaps for a bridal shower favor.


Glycerin Soap Favors 2

Baby Shower Soap Favors:  Here you’ll find soap favors in the shapes of little duck soaps, baby bootie soap, bear booties, and storks carrying a baby on a bar of soap.


Uses for Glycerin Guest Soap

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Guest-sized soaps are the perfect size to use as a travel-size soap, to give as a gift, or to use in the powder room.

You will find a variety of small soaps for various occasions, even hand painted decorative soaps.

Because these soaps are scented, and you may want to display them unwrapped, I do not use an all natural base for these soaps.  The base I use has a lower glycerin content and will not attract moisture like a high glycerin content base would.  These soaps still make great bath bars.   Glycerin Soap Ingredients


Glycerin Guest Soap 1

Floral Guest Soap:  This page features guest soaps with a floral theme.  You’ll find roses, day lilies, and more!


Glycerin Guest Soap 2

Miscellaneous Guest Soap:  Here you’ll find a variety of guest-sized soaps such as cherubs, ducks, shells, and more.

What is Decorative Soap?

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These unique soaps make wonderful gifts for brides, new moms, new homes.  There is a soap for many occasions!

Do you need a pick-me-up in your powder room?  Add some decorative soaps to the decor and you’ll receive many compliments.

Because these soaps are scented, and you want to display them unwrapped, I do not use an all natural base for these soaps.  The base I use has a lower glycerin content and will not attract moisture like a high glycerin content base would.  These soaps still make great bath bars.


Decorative Soap 1

Floral Decorative Soap Bars:  This page features decorative soaps with a floral theme.  You’ll find roses, daisies, and more!


Decorative Soap 2

Miscellaneous Decorative Soap:  Here you’ll find a variety of soaps such as purses, country hat, bunny, and more.

Why use Glycerin Bath Bars?

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Why use Glycerin Bath Bars?

All of the glycerin bath soaps are made with a 100% natural base.  This means there are no alcohols or detergents in the base, which tend to irritate the skin.  To the base I add high quality mica or liquid colorants and the finest fragrance oils or essential oils.  You can be guaranteed that great care is taken to insure that the customer is purchasing quality glycerin soaps!

All formulations are tested on myself and my family (lucky them!) before bringing them to my customers.  Products are never tested on animals.  Although we test them ourselves, some customers may have allergic reactions.  Should irritation occur, discontinue use immediately.  The ingredients to all of my glycerin soaps can be found here –Glycerin Soap Ingredients

Glycerin Bath Bars 2Custom-Blend Glycerin Bath Bars:  This page features bath bars using scents made by & used exclusively by Country Meadow Creations.

Glycerin Bath Bars 3Glycerin Favorites:  Here you’ll find your favorite scents, like Baby Powder (Innocence), Vanilla, Rose, Lilac, Ocean, and Citrus.

Glycerin Bath Bars 5



Kids Glycerin Bath Bars:  Give your kids a reason to take a bath!


Glycerin Bath Bars 1



Mens Glycerin Bath Bars:  Great smelling mens scents are here!

Glycerin Bath Bars 7

My 2 Scents – Glycerin Bath Bars Designed By You!:  Choose 2 scents and 2 colors from our available scent and color lists to make a glycerin bath bar uniquely yours!


Glycerin Bath Bars 4Glycerin Bath Bars 6Exfoliating Glycerin Bars:   Choose from Bath Pouf Soap or Sea Salt Soap for a gentle exfoliation.

Handcrafted All Natural Soap

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Handcrafted All Natural Soap – All Natural Soap


The hand made natural soaps on this page are made using the cold process method.  Cold Process soap is made by combining oils and butters with a lye/water combination, allowing it to saponify, adding essential oils, natural colorants, botanicals, etc., and pouring into molds.  To learn more about the  All Natural Soap that I offer, please see the Frequently Asked Questions informational page.


After years of researching cold process soapmaking both on and offline, I developed a recipe I am quite happy with.  The recipe uses skin-loving oils and butters that come together to create a nice hard, lathering, and good for your skin, bar of soap.  I am sorry, but I will not share my recipe with anyone.  I worked very hard researching the ingredients I use in my natural soaps.  I will, however, share with you the All Natural Soap Ingredients & Uses.


These hand made natural soaps are made in small batches, producing approximately 8-10 bars per batch.  Therefore, the quantities available for each scent is listed below each soap type.  Please take this into consideration when placing an order

Country Meadow Creations

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Please excuse us while we change the layout of our site to better serve our customers!

Enjoy a 10% discount on all Handcrafted Soap purchases during our construction


Country Meadow Creations brings you:

– Handcrafted Glycerin & All Natural Cold Process Soap

– Glycerin Soaps made from 100% all natural soap bases

– Cold Process Soaps are made with no synthetic ingredients

– Decorative Soap for many occasions

– Soap Sets and Seasonal Soaps

– Unique Soap Favors for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers

– Custom blended scents you won’t find sold anywhere else

– Scents for women, men, and kids

– Bath Confetti in a variety of shapes and scents

– All orders handcrafted by the owner when payment is received.

– NO mass-produced product that has been sitting on a shelf for months!